The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub

I have been using the curry sauces at The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub for few months. I used all the sauces, either as specials or on the Ala carte menu. Each of these sauces has a very distinctive flavour and they are not too spicy. Besides being convenient they are easy to prepare and the end product tastes very authentic.

I am also using them in our newly opened Pub (please add the name of your new pub here) and the guest comments are ‘superlatives’.

I will definitely continue to use them. I would recommend to all pub owners to use these curry sauces if they are featuring curries on their menu, after all “A pub without a curry is like a pub without a beer!” So go ahead and use them. They are good.

Chef Chris Murie
Chef /Owner
The Dizzy gastro sports pub.
Address: 305 Roncesvalles Ave; Toronto, Ontario

Health First Medical Clinic

Chef Anwar is one of the most creative caterer’s that I have come across in our community. When I heard about the “Curry sauces” idea from him, I was not sure how it would work but after I tried it I could not stop raving about them and recommended them to my mother as well, who is a home- food type of person and she loved the taste and is very impressed by the quality too.

Being a family physician and a mother of 2 kids I have enough on my hands, so having a tasty meal using these curry sauces, with of course a twist of my own, is a real blessing.

I am grateful to Chef Anwar for introducing this idea and would also recommend them to all those busy Moms out there.

Believe me, you will not be DISAPPOINTED!!

Dr.Sakeenah Ameen
Health First Medical clinic
9625 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

 Crowne Plaza

In 2006 my hotel had Air India Crew staying with us. And as we live in a very multicultural society, for my kitchen staff (which is a good mix of different nationality), to produce authentic tasting traditional Indian curries, consistent in quality and taste to meet the discerning taste of Air India crew was a daunting task (as any chef will agree).

And right on cue, Chef Anwar of Anjum Fine Foods came to me with the curry sauce bases which were excellent in quality. I have been using these sauce bases since then with’0’ complaints. These sauces can be prepared by any cook with basic food skills.

A real boon to any chef.

Chef Tony Fernandes
Corporate Chef & F& B Director
Crowne plaza

Ontario Golden Chefs

I had an opportunity to taste the “Real Curries” sauce bases on several occasion.

The concept of these curry sauce base is similar to mother sauces like the Demiglaze, tomato sauce, mayonnaise etc and is a brilliant idea. It gives the end user, whether it be a chef or a housewife or a bachelor the freedom of adding their own creative touch and finish it with “home made” taste.

My wife (who is a nurse) is a working mother too and as we both have hectic work schedule, we use these sauces personally too. I we find it a real convenience.

These sauces meet the needs and demand of Toronto’s multicultural melting pot where Indian Food tops the list of favorite ethnic foods. I wish Chef Anwar of Anjum Fine Foods every success in his venture.

Chef Gamini Hemalal
Ontario Golden chefs

 Holiday Inn Select

I came to know about the “REAL CURRIES” curry sauce bases as recently as November 2008.My sous chef, F & B manager, Restaurant Manager and my kitchen team unanimously agreed on the authenticity of the taste and the right balance of spices in each of the 5 different flavors of the bases.

I received positive feedback from customers when they were put on “specials” and also from the staff when these sauces were featured for staff meals.

Goes to prove the versatility of these sauces! From menu specials to multicultural event buffets or any authentic Indian Food events – these sauces would do well. GOOD STUFF!!

Romel Griarte
Executive Chef
Holiday Inn Select
970 Dixon Road; Toronto; ON; M9W 1J9

Hockley Valley Resort

I had just returned from a trip to India and Dubai where I had visited quite a few Indian Restaurants. The taste was still lingering in my mouth when I visited the Sysco Food Show and tasted “REAL CURRIES” curry sauce bases in October, 2008.

I found the quality of these sauces either matched or were superior in some aspects to those that I had eaten.Since then, I have introduced these in the Fine Dining Restaurants at Hockley Valley Resort and have had very good reviews from our Guests.

I would be more than happy to recommend these sauces to any food service establishment.

Ross Munro
Executive chef
Hockley Valley Resort
793522 Mono 3rd line, Orangeville; On; L9W 2Y8

Real Sauces© and Real Curries© are manufactured by Anjum Fine Foods Inc. Made in Canada